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Tips for fixing up your vehicle for a long distance trip


If you are planning on crossing the great plains or driving down a couple of countries for a road trip, then you must make sure that your vehicle is up and ready for the trip. Keep in mind that your engine will be working overtime during this whole trip. So you have to give enough TLC before the trip so that the vehicle will hold through till you get home after travelling.

The emergency pack for survival to keep in the vehicle

It is recommended by experts at driving school North Sydney to keep the emergency kit in the vehicle all times. Here are the basics that need to be in this kit for sure.

  • 16 pack or larger drinking water boxes/ a water purifier/ iodine tablets
  • Protein bars/ high calorie dry food items
  • Wool blanket/ warm packs
  • First aid kit-> SAM splint, scissors, needle and thread, aspirin or pain relievers, duct tape, gauze bandages, antiseptic wipes, burn ointment, antiseptic/antibiotic topical ointment
  • Rechargeable flashlight/ solar powered flashlight/ glow sticks
  • Solar powered electronic charger (incase vehicle battery ends up dead)
  • Vehicle repair kit-> adjustable wrench, pliers, screwdriver, ratchet and sockets, plastic gas can, wire ties and patches, gloves, jumper cables, portable compressor, car jack

The engine situation

If you know how to check the performance and the health of the engine on your own (or was instructed by driving school North Sydney) then you are good to go on your own. But for those who have no clue, then a trip to the mechanic is required. Usually you heat the engine and then stop it, wait for a while for the oil to drain down the pan, take the oil dipstick out and wipe it down, put it back in and then pull out to check the level. Optimally the level should be somewhere close to the ‘Full’ indicator. The engine oil color should be good too (not black or close to black). For low levels then just topping it up is fine but for a contaminated one, you need to change it.

Battery level

Your battery needs to be in good condition to keep your vehicle running. Make sure that there are no leaks, any damages like cracks or wire problems. Battery’s terminals should be tightly screwed and see that there is no corrosion present.

Check the air filter, automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant before you go. It is highly recommended to service the vehicle before going on a road trip.

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