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The latest trend of the 21st century: staying fit


This may sound surprising to some of you out there but staying healthy and maintaining fitness in this modern world has become a brand new trend. Maintaining good physical health can never do any harm to us but the obsession people has towards working out these days prove that it has become a part of popular culture and almost become a different kind of lifestyle. People do not exercise and try to stay healthy because it is absolutely necessary for their bodies. They do it to showcase the fact that they follow new trends.

Are we doing it for ourselves?

Before you decide to sign up for a new gym membership ask from yourself whether you are doing it for yourself or to impress those who are around you. This is a legitimate question because most people nowadays go to the gym to take a ton of pictures for their instagram accounts and Facebook profile picture. Those who eat healthy are not really switching to healthier food because it does good to their body. It is merely because healthy eating is considered “trendy” in most parts of the world. If you are doing it to follow a trend please stop for a second and think of a valid reason to do what you are doing.

Staying fit is never bad

Staying fit can never be considered a bad habit. What is problematic is that it is viewed as a lifestyle by most people nowadays. There are young girls and guys who spend half of their life stuck in a gym and the other half looking for places to eat healthy. Only 1% of them are genuinely concerned about their good health whereas most of them are just running behind the others and following them. Our problem is that we are only worried about losing weight and gaining a nice shape that would match the standards that are set by the society. The primary objective of maintaining fitness should be leading a healthy and disease – free life. How many of us stick to this primary goal?

Healthy food habits

Healthy food habits are crucial when it comes to maintaining good physical health.  A nutritious meal could provide you with all the strength and nutrients your body needs to function in its full capacity. This is why we are taught about food pyramids and balanced diets from our young age itself. These ideas have changed with the modern trends of healthy living and eating. Most people try to get in shape by starving themselves or sticking to healthy recipes. It is absurd because some people take healthy eating to an extreme in order to maintain their figure, especially models and celebrities. We have a habit of believing whatever that is said and done by celebrities. This is why most people try to imitate the beauty standards set by actors and actresses. Even by going to the extent of starving ourselves in the name of dieting.

If you are trying to stay fit, do it for yourself. No just because it is the “in”thing nowadays. Always¬† make sure that you are not doing it because it is the “in”thing but because you need a healthy body for the rest of your life. Maintaining physical fitness during young age would keep you fit and healthy during your old age. Good eating habits would increase your chance of living a long life more.

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