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Pleasures of a weekend at Melville Island


There are several little known locations in Australia that are known for unspoilt nature and recreational activities in the midst of green surroundings and serene waters. One such place is Melville Island, located in the northern territory and is a thirty minute flight from Darwin. This small island has unique outdoors and natural landscapes that can help one enjoy a relaxing holiday and indulge in outdoor activities like angling.

Catching fish on the island

One of the popular activities which draw visitors to this tropical destination is sport fishing.  The Barramundi fishing tours Darwin is famous here. If you are an angling enthusiast, it is the perfect holiday to look forward to. With lodge like accommodation easily available on this island, you can look forward to indulging in fishing trips with guided charter boats and equipment ready for hire. Indeed, there is a thriving fishing community here that has regular visitors to this area during different seasons.

What to expect?

If you are taking up a fishing tour in particular, you will find accommodation, transportation and other holiday activities added to such tour packages. The main focus lies in Barramundi fishing tour activities which are planned as per the level of experience a person has or the kind of fishing trip they wish to embark on. There are general guided tours, fishing trips and sport fishing adventure trips that one can opt for.

The attractions on offer

This island does not only have angling trips to offer, but so much more. Being a scenic tropical island there are several natural and outdoor activities that any visitor can indulge in. With spacious and resort like accommodation facilities on offer, one can simply sit back and unwind during a holiday trip to this location. It is possible to indulge in activities, trips and tours as per your interest and time availability.

If the above points appeal to you, plan your next tropical island adventure to this place. It is easy to make your travel bookings through online portals. You will find attractive discounts and package deals depending on the kind of trip or adventure you wish to embark upon. With the summer months fast receding, it might be time to make the most of any upcoming holiday weekend by booking a trip to this region. You can read up details about the place, the best time to visit, activities to do and what others have to say about their holiday in this place. It is also a great place to plan a vacation with family or friends, especially if you wish to have a fishing centric trip.


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