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News as a medium of public awareness


There are various ways in which the general public receives information. News media is the top at this list. Be it television  news,  radio news or the newspaper they are all still popular among people. It is true that these methods are somewhat replaced by the internet and social media but when it comes to reliable sources of news, people always turn to the good old television news or the newspaper. The element of reliability is very much present in these traditional methods of conveying news. People listen and read news for various reasons. The primary aim of broadcasting or printing news is to make people aware of what is going on in the world. It is in a way a means of informing as well as educating people.

Reliability of news

Reliability of news depends on the source that we picked it from. With the development of technology we have many different methods to receive information. There are unofficial gossip sites, blogs and even online newspapers which bring news within seconds to people. In the 21st century information travels in the speed of lightning. Globalization is also considered as one factor which has speeded up this process.Thanks to globalization we are up to date on global news as well. Although there are ample of methods to receive information within a short period of time, they cannot be trusted for delivering reliable information.  Therefore the best method would be to choose a reliable news channel or a printed medium to be updated on news.

Building public trust

Gaining the trust of a massive group of people is not an easy task. This is a challenge that a lot of news companies have to confront. There are many instances where certain news channels are accused of being biased. Public trust cannot be earned by feeding people biased news. One reason is because it is believed to be highly unethical.People watch news to stay up to date with what’s happening around them. If viewers aren’t exposed to impartial news it would be extremely difficult to earn their trust.

Ethical aspect of news

As the general public we pay attention to the ethical aspect of news quite often. Whenever news media violates it’s code of ethics people highly criticise their conduct.  There is a set of norms and values that people expect news broadcasters to adhere to. The moment they violate these norms and go against the ethics of their occupation people start losing their trust and faith in that particular news company.This is why news media should act responsible when informing the public. Once they lose their reputation it can never be earned back. This is why news reporting comes with a lot of risks. The people who are in charge of bringing news to the public should take up the responsibility of what they give to the public and always conform to their codes of ethics.

Educating people and communicating news to people comes with a lot of added duties and responsibilities. People who are involved in news media should always think of their audience before giving out information because their success entirely depends on the responses of the viewers and readers. They have to provide accurate news within the shortest possible time to the public. The demand for a particular newspaper or a news channel depends upon the reliability and the standards of the information provided by that particular organization.

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