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4 things to consider before getting extra academic help


Most of us need a tutor at some point of our academic career. Most of us also find it very difficult find someone that we really enjoy learning from.  The advantage nowadays is that you have the ability to choose a type of tutor of your choice. It could be a fellow student who is in class with you, a retired teacher or even some sort of online service. No matter what type of learning assistance you hope to get, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Is it possible to maintain a comfortable relationship with your teacher?

A student- teacher relationship will only be beneficial to either party if there is a certain level of confidence and comfort between the two. As a student you should be able to put forward your doubt and get any sort of academic help from your tutor without any fear of judgement. The entire reason you decided to get help from a tutoring service is because you are unable to learn merely with the help you get from school. Therefore, talk to the person who will be teaching you and make a decision if you are going to be able to communicate and work with the person effectively.

Do you understand what they are teaching?

There could be someone with over 20 years of tutoring experience. This however is not a qualification to make them the ideal tutor for you. The way different people teach is different. Similarly, the way students comprehend certain ideas is unique from one child to the other. Therefore, it is important that you find a tutor whose teaching style makes sense to you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to request for a few trial lessons before making your mind up about the right tutor for you.

How flexible are they?

There are certain teachers who are exception in their teaching style and their ability to get through to the student. However, they do not allow taking extra time in certain hard subject areas or asking too many questions because it affects their teaching schedule. If you are a student who learns by taking time, such a tutor will not be effective for you.

How much are you paying them?

Even though your parents are the ones who will be paying for your sessions it is important that you know how much your tutor is being paid. This is because you are the only one who can evaluate the quality of their teaching. Therefore, only you would know if they are charging a fair amount for the kind of teaching that they offer.

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